Wombat: Frequently Asked Questions

Wombat: Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

What apps do I need?

You'll want to load two apps, both of which are free on the App Store:

Bad Elf Wombat: you'll use our app to do firmware updates, collect flight logs, and perform database updates to Turbine aircraft.

Jeppesen JDM Mobile: you'll use the JDM app to perform database updates linked to your JDM account.

Where's the Quick Start Guide?

Download the PDF here: Wombat Quick Start Guide

Does the Wombat work the Garmin FlightStream 510 card?

Yes. Make sure your Wombat is running firmware version 1.1.10 or newer, and connect the FS510 card to the Wombat using the Transcend USB-to-SD adapter that Garmin ships with the FS510. You cannot insert the FS510 directly into the Wombat's SD card slot. It is not a standard SD card and requires more power than is allowed under the SD specifications.


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